What to Look for in a Yoga Retreat

If you are thinking about going on a yoga retreat, you are making a wise decision. Yoga retreats can be an incredibly rewarding experience, helping you deepen your practice, relax and recharge, and build a sense of connection with like-minded individuals. However, with so many yoga retreats to choose from, it can be challenging to […]

Desi Bodymind // Summer Newsletter 2023

Desi Bodymind // Summer Newsletter 2023 “Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine.” ― Mario Fernández Happy Summer Solstice! Today’s solstice heralds the first day of summer and it also happens to be International Yoga Day, and National Smoothie Day; three of my favorite things! I am excited to share summer tips […]

Foam Rolling/ Self Myofascial Release

Foam rolling, also known as self myofascial release (SMFR), has been a popular technique for improving flexibility and mobility for many years now. It is a form of self-massage that involves using a foam roller to apply pressure to different parts of your body. The practice provides a wide range of benefits, from reducing muscle […]

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