Fitness and Yoga Expert

Desi is passionate about yoga, fitness, and women’s health. Her mission is to share the joy of movement in English y en Español. Desi holds her master’s degree in corporate fitness and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree. She has taught yoga and fitness for Ashley Tisdale’s brand Frenshe, Univison, Mattel, the US Navy, and Manduka to name a few.

Radiant Beginnings Retreat

Radiant Beginnings Retreat

With Desi Bartlett and Dr. Natiya Guin

Palmaïa – The House of AïA | Playa Del Carmen | January 9 – 12, 2025

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Your Strong Sexy Pregnancy

“It is not an exaggeration to say that Desi Bartlett is my role model. She’s one of those women who seems to have it all together—her family, her kids, her attitude, her body. Yet she’s relentlessly positive and will do anything to uplift the people around her. Desi’s secret to success is her yoga practice. In Your Strong Sexy Pregnancy: A Yoga and Fitness Plan, you get Desi’s fitness plan to give you the tools to thrive during pregnancy. Desi offers advice that is accessible, yoga sequences for every body, and the practical kind of information that is road-tested—or, well, mat-tested. Become your own best role model by following Desi’s yoga and fitness plan for better health and vitality for pregnancy and beyond.”

— Felicia Tomasko, RN | Editor in Chief of LA Yoga and Boston Yoga, and President of Bliss Network

“Desi Bartlett gave me one of the most beautiful gifts during my pregnancy. She coached me using her yoga expertise, and brought me on a spiritual journey that connected me to my little girl as she grew inside. I love this woman!”

—Kate Hudson

“Professional, passionate, and patient, Desi Bartlett is the total package. Your Strong, Sexy Pregnancy will give expecting mothers and new mothers alike the peace of mind, body, and spirit they need for years to come!”

—Liz Vaccariello | Editor in Chief of Parents Magazine

To book Desi as a health & wellness presenter or for on site yoga for a corporate event, please send an email inquiry here.

Total Body Beautiful
Total Body Beautiful

“Working with Desi is one of my favorite things. Anytime my anxiety is high, she helps bring me back to the present moment through yoga. I met her through my doula and have been working with her since being pregnant. Her practice is amazing, and her visualization meditations ground me. I always feel amazing after a session with her! I’m so lucky to have her in my life; she is a gift to this world!”

— Ashley Tisdale | Actress and Founder of Frenshe