Thanksgiving Newsletter

In the News

Om Yoga Magazine features my in home deep stretch for hip flexors. Whether you are an athlete or sit at a computer most of the day, this stretch will feel great. All level featured.

Huffington Post showcased my tips on the best ways to stick with a walking program for weight loss. This is especially great for new Moms that need a way to ease back in to fitness.


I am so excited to be featured on the site with an interview on my life’s work and how to get back into shape as a new mom. Click here for more info.

Check out my new friend I really enjoyed chatting with Hunter about all things Prenatal, and you can find our conversation on her podcast ( Great info for all Yogis.

New Video

Check out my new quick video on the 5 components of Fitness. Important info for planning for the holidays so that you can stay on track and empowered with your fitness program (or start fresh).

5componentsoffitnessCheck out our youTube channel for more info and videos on
how to be a Mother Into Living Fit.


Each newsletter features one of my favorite products. Last time I shared how much I love Essentia water. This time I would like to introduce you to the Belly Bandit. They have a new pair of amazing leggings called the mother tucker. They have great support, and you know that I love the name! Check out for more amazing products.


If you are wondering where my logo came from, it is a picture by the talented Victoria Davis, that a wonderful graphic artist named Wendy Saade used as inspiration for my brand. I share this with you so that you know that the Mothers Into Living Fit brand is for real moms, from the heart of a Mom.


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