Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Eating fruits and vegetables from every color of the rainbow can do help improve your immune system and keep you healthy this season. Try eating fruits and vegetables from every part of the color spectrum to boost your immunity and keep you energized for work and family responsibilities. Here is a quick key to the natural benefits of each color of food:

🔴 Red:
Boosts heart health
Supports a strong immune system
Fights inflammation

🟠 Orange:
Promotes healthy vision
Improves skin health
Boosts your mood

🟡 Yellow:
Strengthens your immune system
Optimizes digestion
Supports a healthy liver

🟢 Green:
Provides essential vitamins and minerals
Boosts energy levels
Supports healthy bones

🔵 Blue:
Enhances brain function
Improves heart health
Promotes healthy aging

🟣 Purple:
Boosts memory and cognitive function
Supports a healthy heart
Fights against free radicals

Remember, the more colorful your plate is, the more nutrients you’re getting!

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