Desi Bodymind // Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve curated a list of my favorite gifts for the different phases of motherhood. Mamas-to-be, new moms, and mature moms will delight in these thoughtful and unique gifts that encourage self care.

Scroll down for a discount code as well.

For The Pregnant Mom

For the Pregnant Mom

Product Links:

Doula Deck by Lori Bregman: Click Here to Purchase
IFit Membership – Prenatal Series: Click Here to Download App
Your Strong Sexy Pregnancy: Click Here to Purchase

For the New Mom

For The New Mom

Product Links:

HopeWear Mamacita Shirt: Click Here to Purchase
Manduka Round Yoga Mat: Click Here to Purchase
Being Frenshe Candles & Body Products: Click Here to Purchase

For the Mature Mom

For The Mature Mom

Product Links:

Seed Lyfe Vitality Blend: Click Here to Purchase
Total Body Beautiful: Click Here to Purchase
Deep Living Products: Click Here to Purchase

With Love and Aloha!  ~ Desi

P.S. you can use the code DESIYOGA for 15% off of the Manduka round mat that I co-created.

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