Happy Autumn! – October 2019 Newsletter

Happy Autumn!

Autumn shows how beautiful it is to let things go….

This fall I am very happy to enjoy the winds of change and growth. I am inspired by the many beautiful people in my life who are connected in person and online and who continue to inspire me with the courage to change, grow, and evolve. I have been working on change, expansion, and service, and am happy to share what’s happening!


The manduka luna mat will be back in stock on 11/11 on manduka.com and I will send out an email that day as I have received many direct messages inquiring about when it will be available on manduka.com. That same day, I will also share my story on the creation of the mat in 2007, and my joy in bringing it back to market this year with my favorite yoga company Manduka Yoga!



For the pregnant goddesses and new moms, check out my book, “Your Strong Sexy Pregnancy,” with Human Kinetics on Amazon. Click here to purchase yours today and see why everyone from celebrity moms to OB/GYN’s are raving about this comprehensive approach to yoga and fitness during pregnancy and beyond.



Want to practice yoga with me online? Click here to sign up with Beachbody on Demand today. With your Beachbody membership, you will enjoy 6 different practices with me including:
  • First Trimester Flow A comprehensive yoga routine for expecting mothers in their first trimester.
  • Second Trimester Flow Build strength and balance as you head toward your third trimester.
  • Third Trimester Flow Using a chair for support, build strength and flexibility throughout your third trimester with this yoga routine.
  • Postnatal Core A yoga routine designed to safely and effectively strengthen your core post-baby.
  • Mommy & Me Designed for newborns 6-12 months old, this total-body yoga routine teaches you fun ways to interact with your little one as you practice.
  • Workshop: Diastasis Recti 101 Learn about the causes of Diastasis Recti, how to identify it, and how to approach exercise safely.


One of my favorite things about online offerings (and there are many things to appreciate), is that I can share my message of feeling great from the inside out with an international audience. Check out the new online article with UK



I recently had the pleasure of teaching at the Latina Empowered Health Summit at City Hall in LA. City Council President pro-tempore Nury Martinez (the beautiful woman in the red) and Alejandra Campoverdi of the Well Woman Coalition invited 125 Latina teenage girls to learn about health on many levels including physical, emotional, and spiritual. Big thanks to all of the beautiful girls for being so open and receptive to new ideas, as well as to all of the beautiful speakers who inspired me personally. What a joy to share yoga with the next generation and huge thanks to Manduka Yoga for providing mats for all of the girls!


My friend Peter Sterios wrote a new book called, “Gravity and Grace: How to Awaken Your Subtle Body and the Healing Power of Yoga.” I was super excited that I had the opportunity to review this awesome book recently for LA Yoga. Click here to check out the review and for those of you outside of LA, LA Yoga magazine has amazing articles, recipes, inspirations, and horoscopes.



As many of you know, I work in a dual role for Manduka as both a Global Ambassador and the Director of Yoga Media. Our Manduka family is constantly inspiring me and most recently my sweet friend and coworker Michelle organized a coastal cleanup. My younger son Rocket attended the clean-up that was hosted by my pal Heidi Hong at Xanadu events. Rocket is still talking about all of the turtles that we helped by removing the trash from the shore. Community service is something that I encourage you to share with your coworkers and children and lead by example as you create the world that you want to live in.

With Love, Desi


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