Desi Bartlett – August 2020 Newsletter

E aloha kekaki I kikahi
– Love one another

Late summer is always a time of reflection for me as it is my birthday time and a natural check in point. With all of the change in our world, I realize now more than ever that the most important thing in this world is love. Love for our families, our friends, our purpose, and for ourselves. Here is some of what I have been working on recently, done with lots of love.


I have teamed up with two of the most amazing trainers to bring you the best there is to offer in Pilates, Fitness, and Yoga. Meet Pilates master instructor Nicole Stuart and Fitness trainer Andrea Orbeck AKA “the muscle whisperer.” We each have a passion to serve by empowering others through movement. We are offering classes on Instagram live. Here is the schedule starting Tuesday, August 18th:

Tuesdays at 1PM Pacific Yoga and Pilates with Desi on IG @mothersintolivingfit

Thursdays at 1PM Pacific Yoga and Pilates with Desi and Nicole on IG @nicolestuart

Sundays at 11:30AM Pacific Fitness with Andrea on IG @andreaorbeck


Like so many families, my family needed to change our plans this summer. Click here to read my travel blog with Manduka yoga. The American Southwest is incredibly beautiful and we learned some valuable lessons along the way.


Want to practice yoga with me online? Click here to sign up with Beachbody on Demand today. With your Beachbody membership, you will enjoy 6 different practices with me including:

First Trimester Flow:A comprehensive yoga routine for expecting mothers in their first trimester.

Second Trimester Flow: Build strength and balance as you head toward your third trimester.

Third Trimester Flow: Using a chair for support, build strength and flexibility throughout your third trimester with this yoga routine.

Postnatal Core: A yoga routine designed to safely and effectively strengthen your core post-baby.

Mommy & Me: Designed for newborns 6-12 months old, this total-body yoga routine teaches you fun ways to interact with your little one as you practice.

Workshop: Diastasis Recti 101: Learn about the causes of Diastasis Recti, how to identify it, and how to approach exercise safely.


Community service is near and dear to my heart. Having lived in the City of Angels for 19 years, I wanted to close the chapter by giving back to the community that supported me. I teamed up with Feast for All. Feast is an acronym for food, education, access, support, together. They promote wellness through the power of healthy food and human connection, Click the link below to enjoy the family friendly class that I did with them.

To donate to food insecure families in LA, log on here.

Click here to enjoy class and remember to subscribe for new content each week.


My family has moved to Hawaii and I am excited to share new adventures with you on social media!

With Love, Desi


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