5 Holiday Gift Ideas for 2014

by Desi Bartlett MS CPT E-RYT

Happy Holy Days! This time of year it can be challenging to think of new and inspired gift giving ideas. I think that by now my husband has at least 50 pairs of Christmas socks from me (we have been married for 11 years). This year I have decided to give the gift of a healthy lifestyle both to him, and to all of my Mom friends.

I recently came across an article in Business Insider. Here is the link: http://www.businessinsider.com/home-gym-essentials-2014-12

The first item on their list for a ‘minimalist gym,’ is the ab carver. I normally do not love ab products because there are so many great core exercises that you can do with your own body weight. However, this is my fave! It gets you sore in all of the right places! This list and product inspired me to create my own list.

5 holiday fitness gifts for your loved ones (and for yourself):

  1. The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro; awesome and available on amazon
  2. Yoga for Beginners DVD; still one of my faves, available on desibartlett.com
  3. Gaiam Foam Roller Kit; it’s like a massage in a box, and under $20
  4. Fabletics membership, this is Kate Hudson’s adorable clothing line
  5. Healthy food and drink; Quest bars and Essentia water are my favorites

Wishing you and yours a healthy, fit, joyous holiday.

Love, Desi

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