For Mothers

Desi has been called “a loving guide for mothers everywhere,” as she passionately works towards her vision of mothers living fit. Desi embarked on her journey into pre and postnatal yoga and fitness in 2007 when she was expecting her first child. Recognizing the need to support mothers everywhere, she dedicated herself to sharing her expertise in yoga and fitness. Driven by a passion for her field, Desi pursued specialized certifications and is now a continuing education provider with a registered pre and postnatal yoga school through Yoga Alliance. Her commitment to empowering mothers led her to star in two Prenatal Yoga DVDs, available in both English and Spanish, as well as to write a book dedicated to mothers worldwide, now sold on three continents. Desi’s media contributions with Beachbody and iFit offer valuable resources for expectant and new moms, furthering her mission to provide support and guidance during this transformative stage of life. Additionally, she leads yoga teacher trainings at LMU and USC, imparting her knowledge and expertise to aspiring instructors.

Pre & Postnatal

Desi is a Mom to two amazing boys, Cruz (15), and Rocket (10). Her passion for working with Moms and families can be seen in her online media with Beachbody and Parents magazine:



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