Desi  Bartlett is an internationally published author and her first book, “Your Strong Sexy Pregnancy,” is available in the United States, the EU, and Asia.

She has recently begun work on her second book and will share more information later this year.

Your Strong, Sexy, Pregnancy

A Yoga and Fitness Plan

A truly fit, confident mom is created from the inside out. Let Your Strong, Sexy Pregnancy teach you how to prioritize your health and happiness, Cultivate your inner power and be a fierce, strong, sexy mom!

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What’s Inside

Maintain your fitness throughout pregnancy

Nurture a strong body and mind before, during, and after pregnancy

With the 3 + 1 Total Body Fitness philosophy, Desi Bartlett combines yoga, resistance training, cardiovascular training, and nutrition so you can enjoy a strong and healthy lifestyle that benefits you and your baby. Each chapter offers valuable tips on movement, pregnancy, mental and emotional health, and a Fun Foods recipe. The 16 workouts cover every stage of pregnancy and postpartum recovery, including two for moms over 40.

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