Desi Bartlett M.S., CPT, Fitness, Yoga & Dance Expert, Mom & Spokesperson.

Mommies to be

For Pregnancy

Protein Bar for Pregnancy; Nutra Bella Bar, contains folic acid helps to support proper development

For Queasiness During Pregnancy;
Preggy Pop Drops contain essential oils to combat nausea

Prenatal Yoga;
My Prenatal Yoga DVD has English and Spanish tracks for Moms all over the world

For New Moms

DVD for Baby Care; Happiest Baby On the Block, Dr. Harvey Karp Step by step instruction on how to swaddle

DVD for Child Development;
Babygroup by Donna Holloran a great guide to thriving during the 1st year of baby’s life

Book for Choosing Preschool;
Coping with Preschool Panic by Michelle Nitkaespecially helpful for Los Angeles Moms looking for a preschool

Book for Sleep Training;
The Sleep Easy Solution by Jill Spivak A great resource from 4 months to 5 years of age

DVD for getting back into Shape;
Better Belly Yoga with Desi Bartlett. This DVD has 3 separate 10 minute segments. Perfect for getting a quick
core workout.

Yoga JournalDon't let Bartlett's beaming smile and ebullient personality fool you. These are both engaging, and at times demanding, workouts."