Desi Bartlett M.S., CPT, Fitness, Yoga & Dance Expert, Mom & Spokesperson.


“Last year, when I finally emerged from my nine-week battle with morning sickness, I made my way over to a pre-natal yoga class at Exhale in Venice to try and get myself moving again. I love yoga and I was excited to find a class that catered to moms-to-be like me. At the helm of the class was Desi Bartlett, a beautiful, vivacious, sweet and inspiring teacher who immediately became a physical and spiritual guide for me during the remainder of my pregnancy. Thank God for her and that class, I learned to enjoy being pregnant and gained a wealth of information about going into labor, life with baby and more. I still take her class occasionally with Riley.”

Monica Rohleder at InspireMe

“Don’t let Bartlett’s beaming smile and ebuillient persona fool you. These are both engaging, and at times demanding, workouts. Bartlett is an excellent model with a keen sense of alignment and artistic presentation.”

From Yoga Journal’s review of Yoga for Beginner’s DVD

“Having been a college basketball player, I have found few times when I have been truly graceful. Desirée’s teaching is so great in that her beautifully choreographed classes are inspired by the music she selects for each one. Instead of teaching a basic vinyasa class, she takes her students through a dance-inspired flow. I always leave her classes feeling connected to the group, accomplished, energized, and surprisingly graceful!”

Kerry Brown
Regional Community Coordinator, lululemon athletica, New York City

“Desirée makes yoga fun, and her classes always help me unwind after a long and stressful day. She has also helped me feel better, both mentally and physically. I could never imagine taking yoga from anybody else”

Wayne Kreger
Partner, Milstein, Adelman & Kreger Santa Monica

“Desirée brings a passion to fitness that is very unique. She combines physical and mental health into a complete package that motivates you to achieve your goals. She has an amazing ability to see your strengths and also to work on areas that need improvement. She is a great inspiration and challenges you to see the beauty in yourself and everything around you.”

Alison Gray
British Airways Special Services Representative

“Desirée has the ability to create a sense of equanimity and bliss in every class. Her intuitive understanding and wisdom of Yoga make her a truly profound teacher. I am grateful for having Desirée as an influence in my life.”

Lyllah Horlander

Faith brought Desi to my life. I met Desi at a Venice farmer’s market on a sunny Friday morning. I was there with two other “mommy” friends discussing how difficult it was to lose weight after having kids. We were complaining about how hard it was to balance having kids and exercise. And here comes Desi with her young son looking buff and beautiful in the middle of our discussion.

We eventually asked her how she got her body back after having her son. She said it is her job. She said we can do it even with the kids. And through the kindness of her heart, she offered to help us workout, and to show us that we can really do it. Desi is amazing! She gave me the motivation to start exercising and eating well. Desi has instilled in me to take great care of my body by exercising, eating well, and not give up.

Desi’s workout routine for me and the other moms in my class incorporates cardio., strength, and flexibility training as well as eating healthy. This combination has definitely worked for me. My body has been changing for the better. I have been losing the “tire” around my waist and the “pouch” on my stomach. My stamina has gotten better and my body overall is stronger. Desi’s experience as a mom helps a great deal in understanding what our bodies go through during pregnancy and post pregnancy.

I find Desi warm, understanding, and very helpful especially in finding solutions to problems when you get stuck in your workout goal. I am lucky to have her as a friend and to have had the opportunity to workout with her. As a trainer, she gets the job done! I highly recommend her and her workout philosophy, especially if you want to get rid of the weight you gained during pregnancy.

Marie D., mother of 2

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Yoga JournalDon't let Bartlett's beaming smile and ebullient personality fool you. These are both engaging, and at times demanding, workouts."