Desi Bartlett M.S., CPT, Fitness, Yoga & Dance Expert, Mom & Spokesperson.


Desi Bartlett MS CPT YT is a passionate, enthusiastic lifestyle coach with many different talents;

Yoga Instructor – Desi teaches classes in the Los Angeles Market and is a sought after Yoga instructor. She has recently taught a group of 1,500 people for Univision and she has been featured on ABC, NBC, and Fox. She has 3 Yoga DVD’s on the market at mass retailers. Better Belly Yoga was produced by Prevention magazine and Yoga For Beginners and Prenatal Yoga were both produced in 2007 by Acacia. Desiree has completed 3 separate teacher trainings and is now a continuing education provider for Yoga instructors and personal trainers looking to integrate Yoga into their program design. Desi is an experienced registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Fitness Instructor– Desi has her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, which is the study of movement. Additionally she has her master’s degree in Corporate Fitness, which allows her to teach in corporate settings with a keen understanding of their needs. Desi has applied her master’s degree studies in such corporations as Mattel, the US Navy and MAK law firm. She also is a certified group fitness teacher.

Celebrity Trainer– Alicia Silverstone, Adam Levine, and Olesya Rulina (of High School Musical) are some of the many celebrities that Desi has worked with and continues to work with. Alicia Silverstone invited Desi to be a contributing author on her Kind Life website in 2010. Many celebrities have come to Desi’s public classes as well, including; Minnie Driver, Gina Gershon and Tiffany Amber Thiessen.

Dance Instructor– Desi has her minor in Dance from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She studied classical ballet for 10 years at the Ruth Page Foundation and has starred in 2 Latin Dance DVD’s. She also has appeared in Dance inspired fitness media for Exercise TV.

Nutrition Expert– As part of her Master’s degree in Corporate Fitness, Desi has extensively studied nutrition. She believes in a balanced diet that incorporates the proper ratio of nutrients for her clients. Desi has written for both LA Yoga, and Alicia Silverstone’s Kind Life website, on the benefits of eating a ‘clean diet.’

Spokesperson– In 2010 Desi became the spokesperson for Fruit 2 o, a division of Sunny Delight. As a spokesperson, Desi has appeared during a segment of the Today show, as well as WGN news in Chicago. Desi also contributes regularly to their site with many healthy lifestyle tips.

Mother– A happily married mommy, Desi is the proud mother of Cruz Roman Bartlett, age 2. Desi feels passionate about helping mothers everywhere throughout their pregnancies, and beyond (getting back in shape), and teaches pre&post natal Yoga in the prestigious Exhale’s Center for Sacred Movement in Venice Beach, CA.. She also hosts Mommy& ME Yoga workshops in which new moms can learn how to reclaim their strength, while bonding with their babies.

Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist– Desi has contributed to Prenatal Fitness Books for Gaiam and Simon and Schuster. She is a certified pre and post natal fitness specialist, and is currently developing her own certification course for pre and post natal Yoga. In 2012, Desi was nominated for Educator of the Year by the Souther California Doulas Association, of which she is a proud member.

Latina– Desi is of Mexican and Russian descent, and strongly identifies with her Latino heritage, especially after having lived in Mexico for 5 years. Desi speaks Spanish and recently taught Yoga for Univision in Griffith Park with over 1500 attendees. The class was celebrity driven, and Desi taught alongside some of the biggest names in Latino broadcast media. Desi also has a Latin Dance DVD that was produced through Acacia, and all of her DVD’s have a Spanish language option. She has also done downloadable media in Spanish and English for Exercise TV, as well as having appeared as an inspirational personality on ABC’s American Latino TV.

Executive– While living in Mexico, Desi owned and operated a gym called Cabo Health and Fitness. She sold the company in 2001 to move to California, where she helped open Equinox Fitness as the Group Fitness Manager. She then went on to become the Product Director of Fitness & Yoga for Gaiam, a public company that produces media, including direct response television.

Product Designer– After leaving Gaiam to pursue on camera work, Desi continued to hone her talent of product design, and created the first round Yoga mat on the market, called the 360 mat, for Lululemon.

International Presenter– Desi has taught for the LA Go Green Expo, the Venice Eco-fest, Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability Conference, NIKE Fitness Academy, East Coast Alliance Conference, as well as Rancho La Puerta, and many other venues.

Consultant– Many top fitness and Yoga companies call Desi when they want to ensure the efficacy of a product. Desi has consulted for The Biggest Loser product line, Tae Bo, and many others. Desi also recently consulted for Simon and Shuster’s new Prenatal Fitness book that will be in Target in 2012.

Model– Desi has modeled for many healthy lifestyle companies, including; Lululemon, Energy Muse, Fruit 2 o, Canyon Ranch, etc… She has also appeared with her son on the cover of LA Yoga magazine, and has modeled for many other national publications (Prevention, Pregnancy & Newborn, Latina, etc)

Author– A regular contributor to, LA Yoga magazine, and Alicia Silverstone’s Kind Life blog, Desi also enjoys writing as a hobby. She is the author of a 100 page manual for Fitness &Yoga professionals and is currently working on a Prenatal Yoga manual for Yoga teachers.


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