Desi Bartlett M.S., CPT, Fitness, Yoga & Dance Expert, Mom & Spokesperson.

For Certified Personal Trainers & Mind Body Specialists

For Certified Personal Trainers & Mind Body Specialists

Desi Bartlett holds her Master’s degree in Corporate Fitness and provides continuing education through the National Council of Certified personal trainers. Desi has developed a dynamic mind body program called , ‘ An Introduction to Yoga for Personal Trainers,’ which will walk you through integrating Yoga into any training program design. Click here to order your online course, and get started on the path to more dynamic program design today!


  • Learn the origins and principles of Yoga.
  • Learn how to perform the most popular yoga poses.
  • Learn the contraindications and how to modify the different poses to accommodate different levels of fitness.
  • Learn how to create and implement yoga-based programs for your clients.
  • Develop a sense of inner balance.
  • Integrate yoga into your personal training sessions.


The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (0.8 CEUs)

For Health Club Managers & Owners

Desi Bartlett MS CPT is one of the featured trainers in the revolutionary Smart Fitness Online University. Smart Fitness University gives health club managers/owners the ability to certify and recruit as many trainers as they wish through our program using our state of the art interactive web based program. Desi is the featured teacher for flexibility, an important and often overlooked key area in fitness and program design. For more information, please contact Karen Perlmutter at

Yoga JournalDon't let Bartlett's beaming smile and ebullient personality fool you. These are both engaging, and at times demanding, workouts."